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La Dehesa

A symbiosis of nature and people: that is the dehesa. Thanks to its hiking opportunities, its nature and its gastronomy it is the perfect place to practice ecotourism.

This room is perfect for enjoying the aromas of the broom in springtime, the song of the oriole in the summer, the bellowing of the deer in September and the smell of oak wood spreading from the cosy fireplace in the winter.


In this spacious batroom, which overlooks the courtyard, you can have a shower or a nice relaxing bath after a long walk.

From my window

One facing south, where you can see the mulberry trees and the swimming pool, the wild olive trees, the pond and an endless sea of oak trees. And the other one facing east, overlooking the courtyard and the horizon where the sun rises.

Did you know?

The headboard that joins the two beds was part of the bed that my great-great-grandmother gave to my grandmother on her 15th birthday.

In the middle of the dehesa

In the wonderful dehesa of our 150 hectare large estate, which our guests have exclusive access to, you can walk for hours on end.

The lake

A natural well, known in these parts as a «charca», teeming with life, where you can spot otters, tortoises, geese, swallows, dragonflies, sheep and butterflies.

The patio

The ideal place to have breakfast or dinner in spring and summer and to sunbathe in autumn or winter.