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La Berrea

There is nothing quite as impressive as the sound of bellowing deer. On the slopes of the Sierra de las Corchuelas it is truly overwhelming, majestic and spectacular.
The room is guarded by a mimosa and sheltered by the sierra.

The bathroom

A cosy bathroom with a window overlooking the mountains.

From my window

A chance to experience nature at its purest. On September nights you will hear deer walking and clashing their antlers.

Did you know?

Rosemary has been used since time immemorial. In ancient Greece it was a symbol of regeneration, in the Middle Ages it symbolised love and was used for weddings, in the Renaissance it was used to make the Queen of Hungary’s famous perfume. Some say it strengthens the heart and reduces stress. Be that as it may, guests who spend the night here are sure to wake up invigorated the next morning.


To see the hinds and deer you only have to get up early, follow the path that passes in front of the rural B&B and go up to the sierra. Within half an hour, if you walk quietly, you will see deer, hinds and, if you are lucky, even wild boar.

Iberian pig

The Extremadura dehesa really comes into its own when you see the Iberian pig walking among the holm oaks. We own a few of them. Some stroll around freely, while others, that need special care, are fenced in.

The sheep

The dehesa wouldn’t be complete without the sheep. We invite you to feel «a bit» like a shepherd for a day. Join us to let our flock loose in the dehesa, to feed them and to corral them.