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La Umbría

La Umbría is the heart of Monfragüe, the natural habitat of the National Park’s fauna. This marvellous spectacle of cork oaks, gall oaks, strawberry trees, alders and heather is easily accessible via the cattle track that borders El Palacio Viejo de las Corchuelas.

A room rich with the scent of rockrose, lavender, rosemary and the blossom of the hawthorn that grows in the shade of the Sierra de las Corchuelas.


One of the coolest places to take a shower in summer, and warm and cosy in winter.

From my window

The mountain ridges, where you can see the vultures all year round.

Did you know?

The relaxing scent of lavender… memories of my childhood and of my grandmother’s house. Whenever you opened a cupboard or a boot, spring was all around you. Closing your eyes was enough to be transported to the countryside.

Infinite stars

The sky above Palacio Viejo is unique. That’s why we are a Starlight accommodation.

The garden

Summer dinners, the freshness of the newly watered garden and the scent of flowers. Covered by a blanket of shining stars, you will fall asleep listening to the frogs.

The vegetable garden

Our summer treasure, a rich source for the daily dishes and for homemade winter preserves.