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La Solana

The name of this room refers to the slopes of the Sierra de las Corchuelas, the favourite place of our birdwatching guests. For bird lovers the «cerca de las retameras» is a magical place.

Overlooking the courtyard, which features a lush grapefruit tree, it is the largest room in the house.


A luminous bathroom overlooking the patio, the pond and the dehesa.

From my window

Enjoy the sounds of the dehesa: birds, sheep, deer, and even passing cranes landing in the pond.

Did you know?

The early 20th century lattice wardrobe belonged to my grandmother and stood in her sewing room.

Singing of birds

After only a 15 minute walk from the house, you can listen to and take pictures of hundreds of small birds such as goldfinches, turtle doves, lapwings, hoopoes, cuckoos, greenfinches, orioles…

Feeding station

You will imagine yourself part of a documentary, but it really is nature at its purest.

Forest of the fairies

If you sit quietly among the century-old cork oaks, you will soon see them… the fairies playing with the light.

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